• 2.

  • Touch Rugby Ball

  • Smaller than a Size 5 Ball, this ball is meant to be played in Matches of Touch Rugby.

  • 3.

  • Kicking Tee

  • The High Kicking Tee's simple design is just what you need to keep it through the uprights.

Our Mission Expand Rugby in America

Increase the availability of rugby resources on American soil in order to increase American rugby competitiveness.

About Malosi

The Malosi company was created with rugby spirit in mind. From the moment you play your first match, the sport envelopes you. You identify yourself with the masses of people that went before you and were strong enough to face the battle on the pitch. That spirit and sense of community is wrapped into this company. The company started with a vision in mind, which was to see Rugby expand across American soil, so that America could compete competitively on the international level. To get there, rugby teams and clubs will have to quadruple. Rugby will have to be played at recess and in P.E. classes across this great nation. Rugby can be used for a tool in bringing people together and keeping kids out of trouble. For anyone that has played, they will testify of rugby's power to build a collegial society. Our hope is that we can contribute to the growth of that spirit across America.

What Malosi means...

In the Samoan language Malosi means Strong/Strength and embodies the core characteristic of Rugby physicality and the Rugby mentality. Strength is an American virtue.

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"He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever." - Chinese proverb

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